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We are passionate enthusiasts who love what they do very much. But, what is it we do? As our name says, we make machines. That’s our passion. We develop many different machines but always gravitate towards optimal resource usage. Sometimes those are various purpose machines, and our machines more often than not have some kind of innovation, which is the case with our solution to removing layers of concrete or the machine for flattening. Some of our solutions can feel like a restored old-timer perfectly adapted for camping or enjoying the ride. Sometimes we build hardware and develop the software which it leans on and gives it life so that it does everything it needs to. And sometimes we build pure software solutions. It all depends on the needs of our clients and partners. And as our biggest challenge: their perfected and optimized combinations of hardware and software. We have international experience from a few European and world countries behind us, and very well over a 100 years of work experience on very precise projects. We are an internally multidisciplined team in which everyone has achieved a high degree in their field, with lots of outside sources and friends we hire when necessary. We are a team who managed to synchronize and fit all of those fields into our solutions and creations. Our challenge is making adaptable solutions which make the day-to-day easier. Feel free to contact us so we can find a solution which fits and satisfies your needs. Contact us to see which machines we make. Machines which make the day-to-day easier. We’re waiting for You so we can figure out an idea together, and we will turn the idea into real products. And as our vision says: To make better living conditions and make people’s day-to-day easier.

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